Rental Regulations

The Plate Club: Rental Guidelines

The Plate Club rents reusable dishes and cutlery at no cost to groups in an effort to reduce waste.

How it works:
Pay a deposit and rent whatever you need. Bring back the dishes and cutlery clean and dry and you get your deposit back! Simple!

We can give you access to our dishwasher on the 4th floor in the SSMU Building/Shatner during our office hours from 4-5PM Monday to Friday.

Fees for misuse
-         Rentals must be brought back on the predetermined return date (within one week of the pick-up). Failure to return within one week of the pick-up date will result in a fee of $2/day.
-         Items must be fully washed and dried. Failure to return properly cleaned dishes will result in a fee of $20/bin.
-         Any broken or lost items must be paid for in full by the renter. The prices of each item will vary and are listed on the back of the rental form
-         Any rental or fees not returned within fifteen (15) days of pick-up will result in the group being blacklisted from The Plate Club

These fees have been put in place as a result of the numerous of items we have lost. Sorry for the inconvenience.

After taking a look at our inventory, please contact us at
Please let us know a rough number of the items you wish to rent for confirmation.
By letting us know which items you require, it lets us plan out our inventory.
It may not be possible to come in last minute and change your rental because other rentals have been planned around your requests!