Our Impact

Event Rentals for Fall 2016 - Winter 2017
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Total Orders

Total Number of Plates Rented for Events

Total Number of Cups2910
Total Number of Wine Glasses2828
Total Number of Forks 3924
Total Number of Mugs 1427

Event Rentals for Fall 2015 - Winter 2016
Total Number of Items Rented for Events: 18,043

Total Groups Served90
Total Number of Plates Rented for Events9087
Total Number of Mugs/Beer Steins/Wine Glasses5332
Total Number of Utensils Rented6785
In the 2015-16 school year, we increased the number of groups we rented to, as well as expanding our numbers for plate rental due to increased inventory.

January-March 2016:  We had a new influx of inventory thanks to McGill Office of Sustainability which increased our ability to provide dishware to McGill groups. Over the three months of this semester, we served 54 groups and rented out over 12,000 items, including 7500 in March 2016 alone.

October: We prevented 2500 disposable items from being trashed with our rental service in one month alone. We prevented as much trash in a single month as we saved during the entire semester in Fall 2011!

November: We upped our numbers even more this month, renting out over 3200 items!

NovemberPlates and BowlsGlassesCutleryPlattersPitchers
Week 13752507334
Week 2517151627
Week 310015015042
Week 426927018463
Week 562
Total rentals3247

Ongoing Impact  
In Fall 2013, SSMU instituted a new policy that required that vendors in the SSMU building refrain from using styrofoam. The Plate Club, after four years of campaigning to end styrofoam use in the 2nd floor cafeteria, celebrated this important change in policy. Since that time, our lunch service has continued, but our goal is to eventually transition to have vendors offer their own reusable dishware so that The Plate Club can focus on our events rentals!

Event Rentals for Fall 2012-Winter 2013

Total Groups Served86
Total Number of Plates Rented for Events6791
Total Number of Mugs/Beer Steins/Wine Glasses8255
Total Number of Utensils Rented8018
Event Rentals for Fall 2011- Winter 2012 

Total Groups Served
Total Number of Plates Rented for Events
Total Number of Mugs/Beer Steins/Wine Glasses
Total Number of Utensils Rented

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