Tuesday, March 15, 2016

March 2016 Meeting

The most important issue on our March 2016 meeting agenda was Fall 2016!

We talked about division of labour for next year between executives, and decided that the executive positions will need redistribution, especially if we are looking to have 2 of the current 4 positions paid as part-time workers.  We have roughly estimated for maximum 20 paid work hours if we should get our fee levy, so as of the latest meeting we have focused all of the organization of rental service labour on these 2 people. That's everything from responding to rental requests and sending purchasing orders to keeping the office clean and making sure lunch hours are staffed (and filling in for last minute cancellations of volunteer staff when needed).
We discussed dividing The Plate Club between two poles along paid/unpaid lines: a rental service and an advocacy group for sustainability issues focused especially around waste.  We want to talk more with our volunteers as well as engaging more peripheral members of The Plate Club about what we can do to make our community more conscious about the waste we produce and the damage that does to our environment.
To that end, in addition to the 2 potentially paid positions, we are thinking of having a Volunteer Engagement executive who recruits volunteers from our members and keeps members informed about sustainability movements by maintaining a presence on social media and at McGill-organized sustainability events, as well as planning volunteer appreciation actions on a weekly basis, with one big volunteer event per semester.
We also discussed introducing a Student Engagement executive who promotes The Plate Club's advocacy for sustainibility, selecting and raising awareness about an initiative related to waste on McGill campus or more widely, in order to make positive change.  The Student Engagement executive would interact with the community and engage Plate Club volunteers on social media and on campus, potentially organizing one event related to achieving whatever sustainability goal they set per semester.
We'll be sending out requests for applications next week once the executive has more clearly finalized the division of duties (and we get some feedback about how this whole hiring thing would work from SSMU. After all, we don't have any money yet, and although we have operated with most duties concentrated among one or two people this year, it is a big load for a full-time student to bear!)
We also hope to start our student enagement this semester with a petition to support a waste initiative on campus that we would circulate during lunch hours. We are looking for ideas!


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