Thursday, February 11, 2016

Resolutions from our February 2016 meeting

Some resolutions from our meeting on Tuesday:
We affirmed that the Plate Club serves the entire McGill community - clubs, departments, organizations, and staff or students associated with McGill.
Hannah Stetson will be our new Outreach Coordinator for Fall 2016.
We're going to campaign for a fee levy in the Fall 2016 referendum so we can hire 2 part-time coordinators for The Plate Club.
We need to develop campaign images to be distributed on social media for the fall. Any members interested in working on this design?

We need to make sure to mention the terms of late fees verbally when we rent out our items. Details are on the rental form if you need to check them out.
We are looking for someone to rebuild our inventory app - if anybody knows someone with programming skills interested in doing that for a small fee, please contact us!
We're going to buy some more bins, and we're looking for suggestions for other needed inventory items.
Next meeting, we're going to discuss campaign plans for the fee levy and the breakdown of executive duties among coordinators for next year.
Our next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, March 8 at 6PM.

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