Saturday, October 15, 2011


MUGS for rentals:
Plate Club's beautiful mismatched mug inventory was sadly lost this summer (RIP). Please if you have any extra coffee mugs chillin' at home with nothing to do, bring them ASAP to the Plate Club table at lunch or the Office during our hours! They will be greatly appreciated and well-loved, and allow student events to have teatime without an environmental impact.

Plate Club regrets not having enough volunteers to cover everyone at Midnight Kitchen-- our mandate is to reduce styrofoam, and as you're supposed to bring your own tupperware to eat at Midnight Kitchen anyways, we can't handle washing all the extra MK plates and the lines caused by extra ID exchanges (but we still love you!). 

To still help out with MK-ers who forget tupperware, however, we hope to test out a new system of container donations-- we will bring all our old hummus and yogurt and other potentially lunch-sized containers and have them at our table, so that they can be reused as tupperware by MK-ers! Please bring any containers you may have to add to our collection to our lunch table!


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