Saturday, March 19, 2011

Styrofoam-Free Day #1

It's about time, McGill! Let's eliminate eating off this energy-consuming substance, which takes hundreds to thousands of years to biodegrade. The start is happening Wednesday 23 March, 2011: Plate Club will facilitate a full day FREE of wasteful styrofoam in the SSMU caf. Vendors will be serving on Plate Club's reusable plates instead of on styrofoam.The reasons PC doesn't normally do this are lack of volunteers & lack of inventory. Hopefully we will have more of these days to demonstrate the feasibility & pleasurable benefits of dining sans-styro, to reach a critical mass necessary to get rid of gross styrofoam in SSMU!!!
Volunteers needed at these times to:
-collect reusable plates
-pop plates into the easy-to-use dishwasher
-let people know what's going on
-have fun (we'll even have a homemade Plate costume)
Thanks for caring!!!

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