Saturday, September 4, 2010

And so it begins...

*cue Star Wars theme music* (please listen to this as you read on)

Picture this: a meal in a non-recyclable plastic container, a water bottle, and an individually-wrapped apple from Chile; all these inside a “to-go” Styrofoam container.

WTF!!! Isn’t McGill trying to become a sustainable campus???

Worry not! THE PLATE CLUB is here!

THE PLATE CLUB lends various dishware for free doing LUNCH hours @ SSMU and for EVENTS(We detest unnecessary waste in the form of non-recycable and non-compostable containers!!!)

We need YOU! 
Have fun during lunch hours (11am-1pm) while lending plates in exchange of ID’s at SSMU’s 2nd floor (for cafeteria and Midnight Kitchen users). A chance for you to get to know everyone by face and name!

Have fun during office hours (4pm-5pm) while renting out plates for events. An excellent opportunity to meet student groups and to have time to do your homework or procrastinate (FB)!

Did we mention that THE PLATE CLUB is “the sexiest club on campus” and 2008 SSMU Best New Club of the Year ?

Help us build a more sustainable campus!  Help us fight Styrofoam and other evil waste! Help us spread the sexy-plate-loving!

Send us an email to volunteer!!